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Vegan Yumz 只有外送的服務。爲了訂單請點這裏

位於 台灣 台北 的 Vegan Yumz 主張健康生食與全素美味點心的新品牌電商。我們致力於提供客人最高品質、手工打造的素甜點、起司、餅乾及點心。透過全素美食給客人更多健康的選擇幫助達成健康身心的目標! 我們的甜點及點心始終都注重環保與健康,當你選擇Vegan Yumz就是幫自己及地球做出最好的健康選擇!

生可可布朗尼採用最高級的食材,小批量手工製作確保品質控制及最佳鮮度。我們家的布朗尼採用的食材是發酵能量核桃、椰棗、生可可豆粉、生椰子油 及 微量的煙燻辣椒粉,美味之餘有微辣煙燻的獨特口感!100%無麥麩 100%全素生食


生可可豆是另一個重點原料。一般商業巧克力製作過程會將可可豆用高溫處理以便快速釋放出可可豆中的硫元素促使可可豆產生巧克力的味道與口感,但同時也破壞了可可豆寶貴的營養價值。經過商業高溫破壞的生可可豆就是一般市售的“可可豆”。 生可可豆不一樣!我們遵循古法製作用天然發酵方式提煉巧克力美味再用低溫風乾工序保留生可可豆的必須營養元素。生可可是全世界最好的鐵質食物來源之一,又含有豐富的美,可促進神經及肌肉系統健康正常運作。

最後,我們只選擇優質食品原料商提供原料才能製作出最美味富有營養價值的布朗尼。其中 “Think Organic” 以及 “Inna Organic” 是最主要的合作廠商。這些優良供應商都親自參訪印尼的契作農場,以確保原料品質並與農人保持密切合作愉快的關係。這樣才能放心的保證您選擇Vegan Yumz布朗尼時您是支持小規模契作農人的生計!

Vegan Yumz 生可可微辣布朗尼也非常適合孩童食用,因為辣度非常溫和,吃了有暖身而不辛口的獨特美味。早上吃,或是下午配咖啡都是提升能量的好選擇!

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Vegan Yumz provides delivery only. To order, please click here.

Vegan Yumz is a healthy raw, vegan snack brand and online retailer based in Taipei, Taiwan. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best, healthiest, hand-crafted, plant-based snacks. We believe that the snacks we make support our customers’ positive lifestyle choices and improved health. Our snacks are part of a healthy, sustainable ecosystem. When you buy Vegan Yumz, you make the best choice for you and the planet.

Our store’s best selling item is the raw chipotle brownie. We bring you the best ingredients in our raw chipotle brownies. Handmade in small batches for maximum freshness and quality control, our brownies contain activated walnuts, dates, raw cacao powder, raw coconut oil and chipotle powder for a smoky chocolate with a bit of a spicy kick! They are 100% gluten-free, raw and vegan. We activate our nuts by soaking them for a minimum of 8 hours to ensure the removal of phytic acid. Phytic acid is a naturally-occuring protein that inhibits the absorption of zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium. The nutritional content of a soaked nut is therefore more bioavailable to us. After soaking and rinsing the walnut, we then air dry them for 24 hours at 45 degrees celsius to give it a buttery texture while maintaining its raw nutrition. Walnuts are also a good source of calcium, magnesium and iron.

The next ingredient is raw cacao powder. In commercial chocolate production, cacao beans are roasted on high heat to release the sulphur compounds that give chocolate its flavour and texture. After roasting, they are called “cocoa beans”. However, with raw cacao, the beans are fermented, then air dried at low temperatures to maintain their essential nutrition. Raw cacao is one of the world’s highest sources of iron. It also contains magnesium, which is important for the body’s nerve and muscle function. Raw cacao is truly a powerful superfood.

Finally, the suppliers we work with contribute to us producing such a delicious and nutritious brownie. Two of our main organic suppliers are “Think Organic” and “Inna Organic”. Our suppliers visit farms in Indonesia and have close relationships with the farmers they work with. This gives us and you in turn peace of mind that every time you invest in Vegan Yumz brownies, you are supporting the livelihoods of small-scale, local farms.

Vegan Yumz raw chipotle brownies are also suitable for children since the spice level from the chipotle is really mild and at best, warms the body without burning the mouth. Enjoy one at breakfast, with a cup of coffee or in the mid-afternoon for an energy boost!

Customers should visit and purchase our vegan snacks because they’re delicious, high quality and nourishing.

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