Echo Bistro Pizza, Bar & Restaurant – 回聲披薩酒館/餐廳

留長髮、抽菸、喝酒、製造噪音、時常超時夜留、社辦前違規停機車、甚至偶爾還違規生火烤肉,清大成功湖畔的 Echo 迴聲社當時就是這麼一個令學校頭疼的叛逆社團。在來往湖畔其他師生的眼中,迴聲社就是一個聚集著兇神惡煞的地方,但對於熱愛搖滾樂的我們,這裡卻是整個校園裡最能夠讓人得到歸屬感的地方。永遠忘不了我們為了發行社團創作合輯而通宵錄音、看日出的那段時光。
「第二個迴聲社辦」,這就是 Echo Bistro 的初衷。
Long hair, smoking, drinking, making noise, often staying over night, illegal parking in front of the office, and occasionally even illegally firing barbecues, Echo at the lakeside of Qingda Chenggong was such a rebellious society that made the school a headache.
In the eyes of other teachers and students who travel to and from the lake, Echo Club is a place where the fierce and rebellious gather together, but for us who love rock music, this is the place where we can get the most sense of belonging on the entire campus. We will never forget the time when we recorded all night and watched the sunrise in order to publish the compilation of the community.
After leaving the campus for many years, that feeling for the Echo Club still lured us. In addition to creating a space that allows this group of people on the edge of the campus to constantly review the sense of belonging, I also hope to provide a great place for more rebellious souls like us to eat delicious food here. Things, drinking good beer, aftertaste the past absurd years, how do we write page after page of memorable poems for each other’s youth.
“Second Echo Society”, this is the original intention of Echo Bistro.

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Yongzhen Road 291
234 New Taipei City TW
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Open Every Day : 17.30-00.30 每天營業 : 17.30-00.30