BabyWonderland 童話世界親子空間

寶貝們的遊戲樂園媽咪爸比的喘息小天地 童話世界旋轉木馬 夢幻粉紅滑梯球池 原木打造攀岩牆 丹麥原廠樂高積木 室內決明子沙坑 德國精品木玩 新北首選親子餐廳 永安市場捷運站四號公園旁
來自兩個媽媽的愛… 當了媽媽後,總想著給孩子最好的,最健康的,想給孩子充滿愛的環境,想帶著孩子在一個有均衡營養的食材,安全無毒的空間裡用餐,想在孩子快樂吃飯的同時爸媽也能放心輕鬆的自在享受一頓飯,不僅僅是吃在嘴裡的食物,更多是不用擔心寶貝哭鬧作不住,讓爸爸媽媽能輕鬆愉快的聊聊天,也能看見孩子們滿滿的笑容,童話世界親子空間是兩個媽媽用滿滿的愛為孩子們打造的歡樂天堂,有新鮮健康的當季食材,無毒無害的歡樂遊戲空間,加上每一位來用餐的爸媽們對寶備的用心呵護,所有的元素匯集再一起,才有了這一個Baby Wonderland……..
This place is amazing for parents given that it features a carousel, a nice slide with a ballpit, original lego blocks, an indoor sandpit, wooden toys. Near Yongan Market Station, exit No. 5
Established by two mompreneurs.  After becoming parents, the co-founders noticed the lack of kids restaurants in their area. They have created a safe environment for children that serves healthy food. With non-toxic toys and an ample space for parents to relax, this place is ideal for families with young children. They use fresh and healthy seasonal ingredients and care about the quality of their food.

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Dehe Road 10
234 New Taipei City TW
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Open Every Day 每天營業 11:00–14:00 14:30–17:30 18:00–21:00